The Reassigned Baby Blanket, Job Searching and the Mysteries of My Knitting Life

I am knitting a baby afghan that started as a gift for a co-worker's daughter. Then I found out that the daughter of one of my best friends was having a baby so I reassigned it to her. The trouble is she had the baby (a beautiful little girl named Katy) and I'm still not done. Why am I such a procastinator? Do I crave the stress of unfinished projects? Do I really like to knit? Or am I just lazy? My answer to these and many questions is IDK, No, Yes, Probably. My inability to finish this baby blanket (and my top down sweater) will likely remain a mystery. Hopefully with the help of my new knitting buddies (Hi Hollywood Knitting Divas!) I will start to complete some projects.

I moved to South Florida recently from Virginia Beach and have been looking for a job. Job Searching-yuck. That is all that subject deserves to have said about it.

My new knitting group rocks! I'm so glad that I dragged myself out of the house on Wednesday night to meet the ladies at the Starbucks on Sheridan. I had so much fun. They were so welcoming and fun. This is what I imagined a good knitting group would be like. Talking about knitting; families; life; with little held back and alot of laughs. I look forward to alot more crazy nights at the Starbucks!


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