I Won't Be Home For Christmas

Well, I survived my first Christmas spent in Florida. I have woken up under the same roof as my Mother on Christmas day for 43 years. I guess it was inevitable that it would end. But I survived it and had a good time with Florida cousins and my sister on Christmas Eve and with just my sister on Christmas Day. We woke up early, opened presents, played Wii, watched lots of t.v. and went to the movies. I'm lucky to have an awesome sister! What did I miss about Christmas in PA, you ask? The usuals...family, friends, presents from Santa. What didn't I miss? Snow, cold, viruses...Yes it's possible to get sick in Florida, but somehow it doesn't seem so bad when it's not 4 degrees outside. We did have a little cold spell, about 35 degrees at night for a few days. I knitted alot but didn't finish my socks until after the cold spell was over...of course. Until the socks and the yummy 3 Irish Girls Adorn Sock Yarn , I was in a time-out with my knitting.

We decided to see other people. Not sure what my knitting got up to during our time out but I was cheating with my new Kindle...until I discovered that I could upload knitting patterns on my kindle and then there was a serious kindle/knitting three way going on. Now I mainly read in the morning and on my lunch break and do my knitting at night! It's like being in a plural marriage, everyone must take their turn and it's all on a schedule! (Can you tell I've been seeing the previews for Big Love recently?) (BTW...The sock pattern is Tidal Wave Socks by Deby Lake. You can find it at www.ravelry.com and the yarn is Adorn Sock Yarn in colorway Georgia Peach from 3 Irish Girls www.threeirishgirls.com)


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