Dogs, Dilemmas, and Denial

So my dog has been having health problems for the last few months which has created alot of stress in my life both out of worry for my Annabelle and out of concern for my wallet. This has activated alot of stress behaviors that I thought were gone forever but apparently they were just buried deep in my psyche. Luckily though, eating isn't one of those behaviors (and we won't get into what they actually are because you don't want to know.) Since I started knitting and crocheting I'm much better about not just going to the kitchen and whipping up some chocolate chip cookie dough and eating the whole batch. Instead I crocheted a lap top bag and a little bird ornament and started a dumpling bag.

This stress also came in handy at Christmas time when I successfuly completed 5 Queen Anne's lace scarves, 2 hat & scarf sets, 2 more hats, 4 snowmen, 2 coffee cup cozies and 1 pair of socks all in the period between about October and the week before Christmas. This is a record for me. I don't think I have ever been this productive in my knitting and crocheting life. The only problem with using knitting and crocheting as a stress outlet is the need to buy more yarn which brings me back to the wallet dilemma. So I am forced to buy cheap craft store yarn, which really isn't all that cheap, instead of the beautiful yummies that can be found at my local yarn stores. Plug for my favorites: A Stichers Haven in Plantation, Florida and The Yarn Shoppe in Aventura (Miami), Florida There is nothing better than browsing a yarn shop and seeing all the possibilities that can be created with your needles and hooks.

My job is going pretty well. It was pretty slow over Thanksgiving and Christmas which also gave me alot of time to knit and crochet, but is picking up now and I will be working full-time probably through mid-April. I really need to find a full-time job with benefits, though, because I am in serious denial about the consequences of ignoring my own health issues because of monetary concerns. Ahhh, more stress you say. Yes, more stress and more knitting and/or crocheting to deal with it!

Stress can be an ugly, destructive thing but it can also force you to deal with it in ways that are positive and constructive which is what I choose to do. I won't lie though and say the negative behaviors don't creep in because they do but I try to push them aside and focus on being creative.

Well that's all for now campers. My fingers are itching to pick up my knitting and my dog is pathetically crying to me to be fed and/or walked and/or snuggled and/or played with.


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